Live-In Care vs. 24-Hour Care: How Do They Differ?

Having a dedicated caregiver inside your senior loved one’s home is essential, and both live-in care and 24-hour care can provide just that. These options allow seniors to age in place in the comfort of home. However, there are differences between the two, which are described below. Many factors can help you determine which service suits your parent’s needs best.

Live-In Care

Although your loved one is receiving assistance, he or she must provide the caregiver with accommodations, such as a safe and comfortable space to rest. While the caregiver isn’t considered a resident of your parent’s home, this individual is entitled to breaks during the day and night and must be offered a home-like environment.

One difference with this option is that your loved one will have a minimal number of caregivers, allowing him or her to build bonds with these individuals. This is crucial in terms of your loved one’s comfort level.

Certain age-related conditions can make it more challenging for seniors to age in place safely and comfortably, but Boca Raton live-in care experts are available around the clock to help seniors manage their health. Whether your loved one is living with cognitive decline or recovering from a stroke, you can trust the professional live-in caregivers from Angel Touch Home Care to enhance his or her quality of life. 

24-Hour Care

Twenty-four-hour care is the option families should select for aging loved ones who require around-the-clock assistance. However, your parent isn’t required to give the 24-hour caregiver a block of uninterrupted sleep.

Keep in mind that two caregivers generally work 12-hour shifts each day, or three caregivers can come in for 8-hour shifts. These rotating schedules can make a 24-hour caregiver more alert, maintaining a higher level of focus.


Both types of care allow your loved one to receive high-quality care, but 24-hour care can be more beneficial if your family prefers to decide how to structure each shift for your loved one. If your loved one has dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, a heart condition, or another serious health issue, having around-the-clock care will be a necessity for his or her safety as well as to ensure he or she receives medication reminders, meals, and interaction.

For uninterrupted help, 24-hour care is often the best option. For example, if your loved one experiences sundowning or has difficulty walking, he or she could wander away from home in the middle of the night or experience slips, falls, and other serious medical issues when going to the restroom. Having uninterrupted care is crucial in these instances.

Families looking for top-rated Home Care Boca Raton providers can reach out to Angel Touch Home Care. From respite care to live-in and 24-hour care, there are many ways we can make life easier for seniors and their loved ones.

Costs & Referrals

Many families have budgets in place for their loved ones. In these instances, it would be best to see which option your loved one can afford.

With live-in care, arranging for the cost of room and board is required, and depending on the location, those expenses can vary. Unless other issues arise, such as interrupting the caregiver’s block of uninterrupted time, you know what you’re paying up front, and it’s likely more expensive.

In contrast, 24-hour care is often provided for a lower hourly rate. If the caregiver does sleep, the prices can often be even lower, but they may be higher when the caregiver is awake and providing around-the-clock help. Typically, your loved one’s primary care physician will make a referral regarding which option is best for meeting your parent’s needs as well as being compatible with his or her finances and your family’s approval.

Seniors can face a variety of challenges as they age, many of which can be mitigated with the help of professional in-home caregivers who provide high-quality homecare. Trust Angel Touch Home Care to help your elderly loved one age in place safely and comfortably. To create a customized in-home care plan for your loved one, call us today.